About us

Who we are

How it started
We started A & T Sound to create innovative beats for individuals, artists or companies who look for great sonic experiences.
Our vision
Our ambition is to be the go-to production group and record label in the pop niche for independent artists, multinationals & megastars.
How we operate
We have gathered a pool of top talents who have a passion for what they do and produce innovational music every day.
What we provide
We know that we can help you enhance your content with the value of our sounds and support you in whatever you are trying to accomplish.
Who is T-Infinity?
T-Infinity is the first Virtual Artist, Producer & Songwriter who is known for his futuristic brand and strong values based around growth and self-development. He brings innovative and clean sounds into the Pop genre, more specifically, Electro Pop, R&B and EDM Pop.
Who is behind A & T Sound?
A & T Sound is a music production group and record label founded by CEOs Anoush Sefatzadeh and Thomas Capone with one ultimate goal: making music more than just music.

Our Focus

We focus on all our sounds being major-quality. No compromise.

Our Credentials

Our talented team has over 300 certified Gold and Platinum awards with close relationships with labels such as Sony, Warner and Universal in multiple countries.